Series V!

This is the table with the weighted scores. Your favourite series got 8, your least 1 and so on and it’s worked out like that.

Things to note: Series 2 just 1 point behind, separation between I and VIII, separation of top half and bottom half.

V – 67
II – 66
VI – 57
III – 55
IV – 43
I – 38
VIII – 18
VII – 16

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  • Damn!! I wanted to vote in that. Actually, I thought I had. It mustn’t have posted properly (damn this connection!). If I’d have voted I would have pushed III above VI where it belongs! You know the big dollop’s right. And I rate VII above the miserable VIII. That’s because I can understand the shitness of VII (well, I can’t understand the shit gags, but who can?!?), but VIII shouldn’t have sucked!! Fuck Pete parts 1 & 2! and Only the Good……ANd BITR pts 1, 2 & 3. Only two half decent eps in the entire 8 ep series?? You betcha sorry ass!!…..effects of morphine wear offfffffff…….

  • “I need someone else too, this gives too many ties…” – if it makes any difference:

    V, VI, II, I, III, IV, VII, VIII

  • Ah, go on then. I wasn’t going to, because I’ve never bothered to try and rank them before, but having spent a good five minutes “thinking” about it:

    II, III, V, IV, I ,VI, VII, VIII

    Feel free to disregard that if it ties everything up again.

  • This has reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to post here for ages – the website. It’s an interesting site – people rate episodes of various programmes from 0 to 10 and the scores are recorded and displayed.

    The reason I wanted to post to this site is that their scores for Red Dwarf are all messed up. There averages per season are:

    V – 8.477
    IV – 8.408
    VIII – 8.386
    II – 8.376
    VI – 8.330
    III – 8.122
    VII – 7.661
    I – 7.627

    Obviously, series VIII is way too high up that list. Worse still, the awful “Only the Good…” is rated 13th favourite – above Stasis Leak, Justice and Holoship (to name but three)

    So, anyway, I just thought if any of the people reading this (who obviously know something about Red Dwarf) haven’t heard of GEOS, they might like to head over there and pull VIIIs average down. :-)

  • V, II , I, IV, III, VI, VIII, VII

    Just, y’know, in case anyone was asking. I felt that Series I needed more loving. Shame the same can’t be said of the last two.

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