What do you think is the best DVD extra so far? I’ll go first:

Leaving aside the obvious inclusion of the documentaries and deleted scenes I think I’d have to go with The SFX of Red Dwarf V. That thing is absolutely brilliant.

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  • While I’m tempted to say the ‘Sick’ featurette(…yeah right…) I too reckon Dwarfin USA is crackin as we actually see clear footage from the pilots, and there’s some good information in it that I didn’t know, like the fact that Chris was so close to getting on a plane to do it.

    The worst extra (apart from the FUCKING song featurettes) has to be Ace Rimmer – Life in Lame as it’s just showing the Ace clips and is a totally desperate attempt at giving us another extra. Talking of the song things, I wonder what the VII and VIII ones are gonna be called? Maybe the VII one should be called ‘Crap’ and the VIII one ‘Shit’? I’m not sure…… Slightly harsh? Nah.

  • I’ve truly got to go with the documentaries. I know you excluded them, but it’s hard for me to think of the other extras in nearly the same light. In fact, I really wish we could get “proper” episode by episode documentaries for the series I and II.

  • It has to be all the raw effects footage.

    Because I’m a cunt.

    I still wish it hadn’t been cut down so much, mind you. I can understand it more the V and VI discs, where space was tight, but it’s a pity it was cut down so much for the first four releases. I understand that there has to be a mix of extras on the discs, but if you’re a twat who likes model effects and bothers to watch the raw footage extras right the way through, chances are you’re anal enough to watch as many as you can get…

    Two odd things, as well:

    a) Whether the clapperboard was left in for the shot or not appears arbitary, which is a shame – they should all have been left in.

    b) Some key shots *are* missing. The most blatant one being for Series 1, where the shot used for the end credits isn’t included!

    Still, for all that, it’s just brilliant to have them. Some of the unused stuff is *lovely*. The full shot of Ace’s ship landing is just fantastic.

    Sorry, hijacked thread.

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