Brittas in Region 4!

The Brittas Series 1 Region 4 cover.I can’t believe we’ve missed this. As you know, Region 2 releases of Brittas have reached series 6, with the seventh and final series being released on the 23rd May.

Erm, did you know that Series 1 was released in Region 4 last year on the 11th August 2004, with the same extras as the Region 2 release but with a different cover? And that Series 2 is due to be released on 5th May 2005?

Well, you do now.

I think seven months late must be some kind of record.

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  1. I agree, that cover is miles better than ours.

  2. Region encoding is annoying, yes. RCE, however, is what’s truly despicable.

  3. The UK Brittas DVDs are encoded for all regions. They’ll play in any DVD-ROM drive – even American ones.

  4. “The UK Brittas DVDs are encoded for all regions. They’ll play in any DVD-ROM drive – even American ones.”

    Why did no one mention this before? If I had been told this at the start, that the DVDs would work on my DVD-ROM drive, I could have done something about it! All those times I emailed the company, asking if they would make a Region 1 Brittas DVD – if I had known this, I would have given them *my* credit card number!

  5. Manda is absolutely correct. I’ve just checked.

    So why the bloody hell does *everywhere* list it as Region 2 – including the back cover of the DVD case?


  6. That’s really strange. I wonder if it’s just encoded incorrectly? Maybe it’s some cock-up at the pressing plant that they aren’t aware of and it’s SUPPOSED to be region 2?

    Either way, here I come.

  7. What’s going on? Your link sends to some other site…

  8. April fools or summat?

  9. Well, I couldn’t be arsed doing a decent one.

  10. I liked it. As I was browsing through the Kochanski image section of that site (as I am wont to do) I saw an image with the title “kock_big.jpg” This amused me greatly.

    Carry on.

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