Craig Charles. A finer figure of a man you never did see.As has been reported, Craig Charles is joining Coronation Street. And we know it’s true because TOS confirms it. I’m sure news outlets are supposed to trust Reuters or something instead, you know.

Anyway, Craig Charles said:

“I can’t say anything… but I have got some very exciting times ahead. Let’s just say Coronation Street is one of my favourite programmes. AND IT’S FREE OF SF NERDS SPOTTY TWATS FUCK THEM AIRFIX MODELS”

Possibly. No word yet on when he’s appearing or what character he’ll be playing. Of course, we could use this as an example of an interesting phenomenon; that soaps used to cast less well-known people in order to keep the shows realistic, but recently they’ve started casting bigger names, presumably to get the audiences. Barbara Windsor as Peggy is the first example I can think of.

But I can’t be arsed, as all people who obsessively watch soaps are sad. DYS?

Don’t forget that Craig is also taking part in The Games 2005, starting on E4 on Friday 18th March @ 9.00pm. No doubt he’ll be fit and strong, unlike spotty nerds who… you know, I’m even irritating myself now.

7 comments on “Craig Charles is da ‘Street’, man

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  • I knew it, I just KNEW that Charles was going after fame. The second I heard he was on the Games I thought ‘yeah, he wants a piece of fame’, and now he’s going to appear on the most watched programme in Britain. Get this, when he first appears on Coronation Street he will be seen by more people than have ever watched Dwarf (in this country at least). He will no longer be known as Lister but as the character he plays in the soap! Does anyone else find this a little disturbing. OK he was in a one-off episode of Eastenders but he will get more recognised for CS. The cunt!! I bet if the movie got greenlit (dreams, and wildest ones at that) and Charles was asked to appear in Corrie at that time he’d take the Street over the Dwarf anyday!! Why would he have the rickety shit airfix models and shakey sets of Dwarf when he could have the cobbles of Coronation Street?!?!?!?!

  • You can’t really blame him for accepting a role just because it’s in a popular show. What kind of idiot would turn that sort of role down?

  • Exactly. Espescially as Corrie is fantastic.

    My guess is that Craig’s character will only have a short stint in the show – maybe a few weeks. Celebs in Corrie tend to just appear heavily for a month – their characer affecting one of the regulars for a while – then leave, or get killed. They’ve had Maureen Lipman (sp?) and Saeed Jaffrey (sp? again) before, doing exactly this – just to revitalise the show and grab some new fans.

    Furthermore I predict that Charles plays a former workmate of Charlie’s, who appears to take over the taxi business and ends up seducing Rita, shortly before being killed by a jealous Maria. And I watch it a lot, so I’m confident about this.

  • And having just read the Manchester Online article:
    ‘She denied rumours he was to play the new boss of Street Cars…’

    Yes, well.

  • performingmonkey, you sound like you need to sit down with a nice cold drink and a bottle of chloroform.

    Seriously, man. Relax.

  • I think I’m going to find Craig being in Corrie really odd. More so than Sir Ian McKellen.
    Wouldn’t it be good if his first appearance he walked into the shop or wherever humming ‘To Ganymede and Titan…’?

  • Wouldn’t it be great if he called Fred Elliot a smeghead – I say a smeghead! Seriously – can’t wait – good one Mr Charles – lap it up!

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