Day 2, part one…

This morning has been very successful! Last night, with most people having fucked off, Seb, Cappsy and I shot a sequence in my room, which wrapped at about half one. We forgot to go to bed until about 4am, so when the others arrived bright and early this morning, we were still unconcious. Ahem.

We got our smeg together (haha, ‘smeg’) and starting shooting a talking head sequence, which went swimmingly. We then did one of our biggest set pieces, which also went well, although there was a fit of the giggles halfway through. We enlisted the help of my mate Adam to film this bit, as he is much better than me. We’ve now broken for lunch, and we’re having sausages. I’m a director. I’m a director and I want my sausages.

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  1. Cappsy looks quite girly in that picture… oh wait, he always looks girly :p

  2. Yes, Cappsy is most definitely the girliest person there.

  3. Awwww bless him. You’re so cruel!


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