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How the beeb can fuck up the sound on one of the most important drama premieres they’ve ever had I don’t know, though…

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  • The BBC are actually serious miffing me off at the moment. There’s this fuck up with the sound on Who and now the incident when they showed two episodes of Outlaws (a drama serial) out of order and THEN rushed out the last couple of episodes (out of their normal scheduling slot) because they got low viewing figures FOR SOME REASON.

    Also, they’re now pissing around with Help’s scheduling.

  • People are forgetting this is the B-B-Fucking-C we’re talking about here. Most of those cunts couldn’t give a fuck about Doctor Who so maybe they thought they’d have a laugh and play in the sound of fucking Graham fucking Norton preparing for BBC 3. It didn’t ruin the episode BUT it’s taken away the focus of the actual show cause all anyone’s gonna be bothered about is that fuckup!!!!!!

    What does my head in is that you can guarantee that something like this wouldn’t happen with most of the shit that the B-B-Fucking-C produce like Flog It and Ground Force as they’re much more important shows than Doctor Who!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!

    *Outburst over*. I am a Doctor Who fan. I liked this new episode a lot and the series has masses of potential. The fact is that people have been waiting for this moment for fucking YEARS! and so what do they do??? Cunt it up, that’s what!! And I’m sorry but using Graham Norton as a fucking ‘primetime’ host is as lame as fuck anyway. PLEASE!! shift him back to Channel 4 before I vomittttttt. I know he’s getting older, but I want to see him presenting shows about celebrities and Internet smut, not fucking dance rejects!!! I know that’s got nothing to do with Doctor Who but…..fuck everyone right in the eye!!!!!

  • Calm down, calm down.

    You really think the Beeb couldn’t give a toss about Doctor Who? Then why have they spent so much money, not just on making the series, but on promoting it? Every non-recorded programme I saw on BBC1 yesterday mentioned it in some way – the football, the weather reports, everything. They built up to it in a huge way. No-one is going to want to have deliberately fucked it up, believe me. Someone did, someone pressed the wrong button at the wrong time, and not only was it the wrong time, it was the worst time imaginable given the effort that had gone into publicising it.

    The BBC took a chance on bringing Who back in the first place. They should be commended for that, if nothing else. It annoys me to see them get so heavily criticised for the most minor things, when there are other broadcasters that are far, far worse. Whatever you might say about the BBC, they’re there to inform and entertain, there is no other reason for its existence. Every other broadcaster exists to make a profit.

  • I can’t be the only person who really didn’t like this episode? I’ve never been a fan of Who (I vaguely remember some McCoy episiodes, have seen a few of Pertwee and Baker’s and watched the McGann movie) but I felt this was just wrong. Eccelston seemed to be playing everything for laughs and some of the supporting cast were dreadful. Piper didn’t annoy me quite as much as she usually does and the special fx were pretty good for the BBC but, generally, this was bland and dated.

    I guess I could accept this sort of stuff in repeats from the 70s and 80s but seeing a man being swallowed by a dustbin was slightly odd. Okay, so Who is pretty wacky at times, but in the episodes I’ve seen, they usually back it up with a bit of intelligence, right?

    The whole concept of Dr Who allows for something a lot more mainstream (the McGann movie was far more acceptable for a large audience, cheesy as it was) and I congratulate the BBC for showing something so amazingly ‘weird’ in such a high-profile slot. I doubt it will do amazingly well in the ratings on a weekly basis; it’s a horrendous timeslot for any programme.

    I’ll be watching next week of course but considering the largely good fan response to this initial outing, I guess the good Doctor really isn’t for me.

    “Every other broadcaster exists to make a profit.”

    Don’t you think the BBC has made a shitload out of Doctor Who and Red Dwarf? Yes, that money is supposed to be used to make new programmes, but the very fact that the’re bothered about beating ITV in the ratings means that they often think too much like a commercial channel.

  • The reason the sound on Who fucked up (and why the trail preceding it was buggered up too) is because playout of BBC ONE moved to the new broadcast centre a few weeks ago. Ever since then, BBC ONE has had loads of stuff going wrong with it – including a particuarly bad Saturday night a bit ago where nearly every junction went wrong…

    It’s incredibly stupid – you would think that they would run the two systems side by side until all the glitches in the new system had been ironed out – but there is NOTHING maliculous or deliberate about it. It’s just sheer incompetence on the managers part.

    The reason it annoyed me so much is that the new ep was so *good*.

  • I think – and I don’t want this to sound all “Ooh, I’m working in radio” snobby – that until you’ve worked in broadcasting it’s hard to see just how easy it is for one mispress of a button to screw up the entire broadcast.

    For example, on Good Friday, Radio Merseyside was broadcasting rubgy coverage on its AM stream, and regular programming on FM and DAB. Billy Butler, the presenter of the 2-5pm show (the highest-rated show on the station) wouldn’t have known to only take control of FM and DAB (rather than also pushing the button for AM) had he not been told about five minutes before the start of his show. Had someone neglected to mention it, listeners to the rugby would have been suddenly interrupted by his show!

    Even as a lowly unpaid temping broadcast assistant bloke, there would be plenty of opportunities for me to flick switches here and there that would completely bugger up the whole transmission. And I’m sure that’s the case with TV, as well – even as high up as BBC1.

  • OK, maybe there isn’t so much of a need to slag the BBC…well at least not all of the time anyway. At least they’ve allowed Doctor Who to come back AND allowed the right people to work on it. And if it ends up being a success how could they NOT accept more Dwarf. Not that they’d give Dwarf the same budget as Who(…) but they might look on a scifi show a little more favourably. If the Movie ends up mot happening, Doug should look to the BBC to do either series IX & X or a TV movie special. Surely they’d oblige, for the DVD sales potential alone. I bet they can’t wait to reel in the DVD profits from Doctor Who.

  • Seb: I agree with you completely. The probs with Who are symptomatic of a larger problem with the playout of BBC ONE from the new Broadcast Centre though – which is really a management error rather than the techie staff. ONE should *never* have been played out there until most of the glitches were solved.

    Update on the BBC NI situation: NI analogue missed the first 3 secs – NI Digital lost the first 15 secs as they played the entirity of the trail. Not really their fault, though – it was Network who buggered up the junction.

  • While we watched the programme on the BBC England feed on Sky+, our upstairs (Freeview box, I think) TV from which we recorded it using the Archos actually picked up BBC Wales. On that transmission, the first couple of seconds of the opening titles are missing, because they played out a “Great Drama Made In Wales” tag at the beginning…

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