We’ve already covered much of what’s on TOS this week. We might have well have TOSed off. Haha. The main bit of stuff we’re too rubbish to report on is Danny’s appearance at the latest Memorabilia at the Birmingham NEC. Which is in my NEC of the woods. Haha. It’s happening on the 2nd-3rd April, which is next weekend. The weekend that I travel back to London, and a day before my loan cheque comes in. Bastards. They should have checked with me first. Also in that article is details of The Last Laugh, which aired recently at featured Teh Dward. Shame we didn’t know about it in advance, but that’s a nice graphic all the same.

There’s also more details on Craig’s appearance on Corrie. I’m watching that at the moment, and there’s some people crying at a funeral, whilst Deidre Barlow does that thing with her neck. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing less of this when Craig turns up. He’ll be playing a chap called Lloyd Bowen, who is hopefully a cross between Grossman and Jim. According to TOS, he’s got a preliminary contract for three months, but we’ve heard six elsewhere. Either way, the fucking Movie’s not going to be made any time soon.

Knock Knock.
Who’s there?
Fuck off, you complete cunt.
Fair enough.

But still, watch it. Andrew says so, and so do I. Billie? I’d Piper.

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  • But here’s a question: just exactly what is Who a doctor of? Has anyone seen a diploma on his wall from the Gallifrey School of Medicine? Enquiring minds want to know. Last one to the TARDIS is a Cyberman! Or something.

    There is a Pertwee episode where someone asks him “But what are you a Doctor of?” And he answers, “Oh, everything” or something equally pithy.


  • From Outpost Gallifrey this morning :

    “There is a mention of Doctor Who on the the Red Dwarf website today. It encourages people to watch the show because it’s british sci-fi, has a good writing team, but mostly because it has two Red Dwarf Alum, Mike Tucker of Special effects fame, and actor Joseph Green seen on Red Dwarf VIII. You can visit the Red Dwarf official site here. (Hey, isn’t it time for the boys from the Dwarf to come back too!?!?)”

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