Just a quick note to say that following their repeat of Massive Engines, Massive Machines, that Chris Barrie wank fantasy of a series, has started a run on five. You’ve already missed a few episodes (according to Chris’s site it was supposed to start on March 21st), but that’s what happens when we have FUCKING LAZY READERS WHO DIDN’T CONTACT US TO TELL US. YOU FUCKING SHITS. YOU THINK I’VE GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN SCOUR THE RADIO TIMES FOR PROGRAMMES ABOUT CRAIG CHARLES’ PUBIC HAIR? YOU CUNTS. FUCK OFF AND DIE. SHIT OFF.

The eps are on at 8:00pm on Mondays; the next two are about Boats (“Chris Barrie of Red Dwarf fame discovers how to tow a hundred-thousand ton oil tanker safely into harbour. Working boats like tugs have seriously powerful engines – they are truly massive machines that keep us safe at sea”) and Cranes (“The ultimate lifting machines, cranes have enabled us to construct stomping great buildings from oil rigs to nuclear power stations. Chris Barrie of ‘Red Dwarf’ fame climbs the world’s biggest cranes, getting to grips with the truly massive generators that power them and help them lift up to 4,000 tonnes!”)

Chris’s Diary on the making of the series is still going on his site, although it tends to get stuck at regular intervals. It still doesn’t have an archive of past entries, which is ludicrously stupid, so enjoy it whilst it’s there.

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  • Ooh, I’m not really bothered about Massive Machines but you have reminded me I still NEED to get The Day Today DVD. Ta.

  • I saw Craig on Dream Team. He was a dodgy geezer on it. But he was good. Is he in any more episodes of it.

  • It’s a great programme, I watch it with my six year old daughter. It might come across as a little condescending to an adult audience, but as a pair we enjoy it!

    It made my week last Monday, to see Chris shooting up airfix tanks with an air rifle! Not just any air rifle, either, but a quality British made BSA GOLD STAR, no less!!! I love airguns and get sick to death of never, ever seeing an airgun (or shooting sports for that matter) used legally and safely on the telly, those lefty liberal journo types hate airguns (despite knowing ****-all about them) so it made me really happy to see Chris using one legally, safely and responsibly on my telly!!! Excellent! The next time you hear some band-wagon jumping politician or journalist slagging off airguns and airguns hooters please remember that 99.8 per cent of airguns in the UK are used legally and safely… Bans and licensing are NOT required! Thanks for reading.
    Rob M

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