The clapperboard for the first shot of Doctor Who. No fancy publicity shots for us.Yes, yes, I know – publicity on this has frankly reached saturation point. But a) It’s going to be great, and b) This could mark the “regeneration” (HA HA!) of British Telefantasy.

So, Saturday 26th March on BBC ONE @ 7:00pm is the time; and don’t forget to watch out for the work of the BBC Model Unit – featuring the dream team of Tyler & Tucker. Now, will we be seeing raw effects footage on the new series Who releases, I wonder…

Oh, and Tucker is also featured in a Couch Potato session in the current SFX Collection issue on Who. Maggots, indeed.

27 comments on “SHOCK: Doctor Who Returns Saturday!

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  • I hope it’s good. It had better be, after all this fuss.

    That SFX special on Doctor Who is excellent, by the way. Everyone must buy it, even if it’s only for the old Tom Baker interviews. He really is hilarious.

  • Ppl who saw the one leaked on the net said it was excellent.

    That and Billie Piper looks dirty


  • As some of you know, I’m a teeny bit excited by this.

    Judging by the trailer, Tucker’s modelwork looks up to its usual standard. Spaceship crashing into Big Ben? Count me in.

  • Must admit I didn’t actually think the Big Ben thing looked that impressive, though its only breifly on a trailor so it might looked better seeing it fully in the ep

  • > I hope it’s good. It had better be, after all this fuss.

    Judging by the first episode, it is. Very good. Ecclestone and Billie are both great, and the script’s very funny.

  • Yes, the first episode’s great (guilty downloader…). It makes me pray for the return of Dwarf to TV somehow. There’s this don’t-give-a-shit insanity to the Doctor that Christopher Eccleston has got exactly right, judging by the first ep anyway.

    It’s the most expensive looking BBC show I’ve ever seen (not counting something like Walking With Dinosaurs) and for once the show isn’t crap. It shows what can happen when the BBC actually let talented people make a show for them rather than hiring some two-bit dickhead scriptwriter who they only have to pay pittance. It didn’t seem to me like there was any model work in the first episode, some CG and practical effects though, but I’ll be looking out for Tucker’s work.

  • Also; I really liked CE’s Doctor, very kinda childish in ways which made me laugh. Loved his quirkiness and the fact he decided to keep his accent

  • The CGI really sucked though. And judging from the direction Davies seems to be taking (from the minute-long montage on Jon Ross and the episode guide), there seems to be a over-reliance on CGI effects which are bound to suck on the budget and the time spent on them. I didn’t expect Hollywood CGI but if they use crap CGI where it is unneccesery, they deserve all the stick they can get.

    I was disappointed with some aspects of the show but I’ll be tuning in next week.

  • About the only concern I do have is about Billie Piper.

    It’s not that I think she’s *bad* – and I love the concept of the character too. I just think that somebody else would have made the role come alive more.

    Erm, basically: I don’t fancy her.

  • The CGI really sucked though……over-reliance on CGI effects which are bound to suck on the budget….

    The expectations of the basic veiwer really has to amazing to keep them happy.. over used? as Mike Tucker said in the Radio Times “quote” “Explosions can be full-sized, in which case physical effects do it, or miniture, or a combination with CGI, it’s a question which works best on screen, for this we made a one sixth scale model of the roof and blew it apart with petrol and gunpowder.

    So my question being what do you really want? You know the budget is far less than an episode of Star Trek lets say, so how can you be dissapointed in the overall look, somethings are impossible to do in any other way than using a computer, the sonic screwdriver for example. There seams to be a massive argument between physical models and CGI work not only in Dr Who but in Red Dwarf as well. Which from my point of veiw seems to damn the episode to death because it’s got a few CGI effects, regardless of the content held within. “The Starbug looked crap it came from a computer” I mean come on, we are now in the 21st century would you have all special effects back to blue screen overlay? TV, film, has pushed the limits of what can be done every time we watch. So you can’t expect to have Matrix effects in a British TV show with limited budget and time restraints, they did the best with what they had and it looked great, for sheer entertainment value, which it’s intended for, was the best British Sci-Fi I’ve seen in many years.

  • Listen, I have nothing against CGI. I’m not one of these rather annoying people who say for example; ‘Lord of the Rings battles are crap because they aren’t real and its all done on a computer’ – this is stupid because no battles are done for ‘real’ and CGI is simply another way of creating an illusion. I have got something against crap CGI, just like I’d have against crap model work, crap food in a restaurant or crap plastic surgery.

  • Found it to be a step in the right direction. Eccleston still hasn’t won me over but atleast this episode allowed him a little bit of acting rather than just frantic mugging. Story itself was passable and there were some genuinely good ideas.

  • Yes, I did enjoy this one more. I though the set-up seemed a little ‘Restaurant at the End of the Universe’ for a while, but it was a good, solid adventure.

  • Dr Who ep. did someone say “Dune” ? if that entrance wasn’t stolen from the film Dune i don’t know what was! I’m not having a go, it’s one of my favorite films, this was better than the first episode, as we got into some action and a few alien type stuff, Cassandra was well…er flat take note skinny super models! the spider infultrators were reminiscent of Lost in Space and Stargate, but had quite good scare value, the effects WOW I want these guys doing the Movie! yes I liked them! Is this the first time the Doctor has cried on screen? and did he get a woody when he met the tree princess?.

  • Yeah, the I-pod joke as quite good. He managed to appeal to the young and the mature audience in the songs he chose, which was quite clever.

    Anyway, its a Mark Gatiss written episode on Saturday isn’t it?

  • “Anyway, its a Mark Gatiss written episode on Saturday isn’t it?”

    Yes. My second most anticipated episode (after Dalek) and I’m not going to be able to see it going out (sodding birthdays). Wah!

    True, I can see it 2 hours later when I get in, but it’s just not the same, is it? Something like this should be experienced withn the rest of the country :(

  • I know what you mean. I’m going to be in Ireland when it’s on, so I won’t see it until TUESDAY. Dammit.

    Cripes, though, only three and a half weeks to go until “Dalek”! *shivers with antici……


  • Dalek is going to be very special. I can feel it in me waters.

    Also: The Empty Child. Richard Wilson, gas mask clad zombies and the blitz? Yes please!

  • The second episode of Doctor Who featured Jasmin Bannerman (ground controller from Back In The Red part 3) and Simon Day (Randy Navarro from Holoship).
    Nice to see theyre still earning a living in sci-fi.

  • Remember if you do miss Saturday’s episode you can see the repeat at the same time Sunday night on BBC3.

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