The VI DVD.Right then. As mentioned on the TOS Webboard and the comments on this thread, episodes 1-4 on the VI DVD have thin black bars at the top and bottom of the screen (eps 5 and 6 are unaffected); they’re only visible if you’re watching the show on a puter, though, not a telly. That’s yer overscan, mate. Also, Jim Gibbons on the TOS Webboard mentioned that on his R1 disc, there is an audio glitch in Rimmerworld at 26:07.

Well, Andrew Ellard recently posted the following on the Webboard:

Okay, we have responses from the BBC on the two
Series VI DVD issues mentioned recently on the

Firstly, the black ‘border’ around episode 1-4,
generally visible only on PCs – hidden on most TV

The source master tapes had what is known as a line
jitter, and it was decided to add the black line (called
blanking) which in most cases this would not be seen
in the 4:3 format.

It was felt that this was a more aesthetically pleasing
solution that having a wobbly line at the bottom of
the frame. DVD encoding tends to enhance these
sorts of problems which never really manifested
themselves on broadcast or VHS but the problem was
inherent on the source tapes.

Secondly, some U.S. fans have noted a small sound
glitch towards the end of Rimmerworld. Actually, and
annoyingly, this glitch is present throughout all
regions. Unfortunately, it WAS on the digi master
tape for the episode, and thus represents the best
version available.

So – if you have picked up on these issues, DO NOT
return your DVD. It is ‘as standard’, and duplicated
through all copies.

Well, that’s that then. I’ve never noticed the Rimmerworld glitch before; looks like there has been some new damage to the tape at some point, unless I’m going mad (which is admittedly quite likely). Someone go and check your vids and report back. Immediately.

Whilst we’re quoting huge posts on the webboard instead of doing our own writing, there’s in interesting discussion here and here about moaning. And when you’re tired of that kind of moaning, try this.

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