“Wot’s your favrit series?”

It’s a question which is always groaned at at a convention, but I thought it might be interesting for those of us here to list our favourite series in order.

So I’ll start us off.

Mr Flibble: V, IV, III, II, I, VI, VII, VIII

Carry on below…

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  1. II, VI, V, IV, I, III, VII, VIII

  2. I think I’ll collate these and work out our favourite series overall.

  3. V, II, VIII, VI, IV, III, I, VII

  4. V, II, III, VI, IV, I, VII, VIII

    To put that list into context: I ADORE series I, despite its low ranking.

  5. V, III, II, VI, I, IV*, VII, My Hero, Mad About Alice, Babes in the Wood…

    Then, maybe, VIII. Maybe.

    Which is nice.

    * Series IV has never really grabbed me. Don’t think any episode from it is outstanding.

  6. VI, V, 2, III, IV, 1, VIII, VII.

    In that order.

  7. Hark at him with his smug concise numbering.

  8. Ahh, good. Copy and paste is much easier than trying to remember Series number and rank number and not get them mixed up :)

    Interesting results so far BTW. Not what I expected.

  9. I hasten to point out that my some of my choices (well, Ian’s) are completely arbitary. I just can’t decide whether Series 2 or III of Dwarf is *better*, for instance.

    Obviously, there’s a big difference in how I feel about, say, VI and VIII though.

  10. Yes, I know what you mean, I found that too. V and IV are the same in my head, but V has the better stories.

    When I publish the results, I’ll publish the ranking totals too, so you can see for yourself. The top 4 series are separated by very little, as are the bottom 4. But there is quite a gap between both chunks.

  11. VI, II, III, I, IV, V, VII, VIII.

    Like most other people on here, there’s a big gulf between I-VI and VII-VIII. I’d pretty much happily switch around the order of the first six choices – but VII and VIII aren’t going to pull out of 7th or 8th place. :/

  12. II, I, III, V, VI, IV, VIII, VII (but, as most people say, they could easily be interchangeable, apart from the last two).

  13. As there has been no further response for a day, I’ll assume no-one else wants to vote.

    Therefore, I’ve closed the comments and the results will be published later this evening.

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