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  • I think I’ve watched the credits sequence about 50 times now.

    Now, there’s the small matter of getting the other nine minutes edited…

  • I wish there’d been more scenes in the Observation Dome, or ‘Rimmer’s angst room’.

  • I’m looking forward to one day when I can hopefully see this film and given those involved I expect it to interesting, intelligent and in parts funny.

    Surely though at least someone involved can see how much loathing all this mutual self-indugence and back slapping will generate.

    By all means be proud of yourself but why be so damn arrogant publically when no one else is in a position to judge it?

    This isn’t meant as a criticism of anyone individually. Simply stating that a degree of humility would earn help earn a lot more respect.

  • Seeing as I slag myself off in nearly every post I do on the net (and with good reason), I think I’m allowed to say I like *one* thing I’ve been involved in…

  • As far as I can see, I only see this post that could be seen as self congratulatory or arrogant. Even then, it’s all pretty tongue in cheek.

    Once the film has been seen by other people we’ll be first to take the piss out of our own production values, acting etc.

    So if anyone thinks we’re indulging in too much back slapping, then it really isn’t like that. Honest.

  • Oh certainly this wasn’t meant as a you’re all cunts you’re film is shit rant!

    Would I read these pages if I thought that of the people involved? I’m sure in part some, if not all of the “self-indulgence” is tongue-in-cheek.

    That said it just can look a bit dodgy sometimes when you click on the “comments” and just get presented by a string of self-congratulatory messages.

    Allthough in all fairness I did miss the Mr Flibble message which does show the thread in a more balanced light and in turn piss on my point somewhat. I’ll get my coat.

  • No. We’re preparing you for what it will be like in the end :)

    We’re all proud of our work, partly because we’ve all put so much work into it, and partly because we work well as a team.

    Although it’s never been written anywhere, I think the Observation Dome ethos has always been “if we are of one mind and one intent, there are no boundaries to what we can acheive.”

    And that’s what we’re trying to do.

  • Well to be fair any self-respecting fan should get got that reference and since this would appear to be more a place for you’re hardcore dwarfer rather than casual fan it’s far more likely to loathing I spoke of would come more from the latter. So you’re justified really.

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