Editing finished! Kind of.

What do you mean ‘kind of?’. Well, the sound’s still not perfect, Mr Flibble will finish all that when I’ve gone home. But we now have two versions of our film – a ten-minute version to submit, and a director’s cut, which lasts just under fifteen minutes.

We were very upset to lose some of the footage we had to trim, but there was no way around it. We could have run the entire film at 1.5x speed, but that would have been rubbish.

Overall, despite the cuts, we’re very, very happy with the final piece. I sincerely hope that GNP like it as much as we do…

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  1. A word to the wise, though – just to save you from accidental disqualification – you might want to submit it without this copright line:


    Y’know, what with the copyright of winning entries passing to GNP and everything… ;-)

  2. That endcap was a generic style for our productions, but the submission will be sent without the copyright statement.

    But thanks for the warning, anyhow!

  3. If it becomes copyright of GNP, does that mean they could use (steal) ideas and put them in future series?

  4. “If it becomes copyright of GNP, does that mean they could use (steal) ideas and put them in future series?”

    You have no idea how unlikely that is.

  5. “You have no idea how unlikely that is.”

    Hehe, true.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  6. Neither can I!

    *Puts headphones back on*

  7. Hey, if you don’t get picked for the DVDs, are we gonna get the opportunity to see it anyway?

  8. If I understand the rules correctly, we retain the copyright if we don’t win, so it’s possible. We’d have to take out GNP copyrighted stuff, though, so two scenes wouldn’t make any sense at all, two would be much worse, as there’d be no music, and the title sequence and credits would be very dull.

  9. That’s very interesting, Ian. Yes. Hey, speaking of something else, what did Norm say?

  10. He had some interesting things to say about you, Phil.*


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