A twattish fan.Not a pleasant sight, really, is it?

Cappsy’s Puckered Twat has updated, with all his old Red Dwarf and Me‘s back online – along with five new ones. SIMON PEEL – YOUR OPINION IS WRONG ABOUT SERIES IV – VI. PLEASE REVISE IT IMMEDIATELY.

Meanwhile, it looks like Totally Smegged will be returning at some point; that’s a new holding page. Let’s hope it happens, as Dwarf fandom could do with a bit of a boost at the moment. Can’t someone have a big argument, or something?

Finally: anyone care for the first US pilot to be released on DVD? Well, the reason it hasn’t so far is because of cost; GNP (I’M BASTARD WAITING – oops, sorry, Bluebell) paid by the second for the rights to use the clips, which according to Andrew Ellard took up a quarter of the V DVD’s budget!

He does have an interesting idea though – lobby Universal to do a joint release with the BBC and GNP. After all, the Dwarf DVDs do “a fair job” in terms of sales. So, after a bit of researching, this contact form is the best I can come up with. Do your worst. And if anyone else has any other ideas of who we can nag, post below…

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  • I don’t need to see the pilot in its entirety in decent quality – the featurette on the V disc was good enough for me.

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