Thanks to our very own performingmonkey for pointing us towards this Chortle article on Full Power – a new SF sitcom which I mentioned (with a different title) a while back.

Lots of new details have emerged; read the article for full details as frankly I can’t be bothered rewriting it. In all honesty, this doesn’t sound very good at all – but hey, let’s wait until we see it before judging it. Even though I, erm, just have. But really, if you’re going to describe something as being “about ‘the British in space'”, you deserve to have people look skeptical…

Still, nice to see that, as with the first series of Dwarf, the SF aspects are played down. They’ll be fighting big green monsters before they know it.

Incidentally, I seem to remember that “an hilarious version of Das Boot” was suggested by Rob and Doug to Paul Jackson as one of their sitcom ideas – as mentioned in The Official Red Dwarf Companion

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  • It does bring up one point. Why not just commision another series of RD. The money could have gone to producing the movie.

  • The BBC would *love* another series of Dwarf. VIII peaked at 8 million.

    But Doug refuses to do one as he’s concentrating on the Movie. And the BBC just aren’t interested in funding that.

  • I’m praying that this will be a failure because if it becomes a success (and that’s a pretty huge if) it could kill any chance of Dwarf returning to TV. Not that any Dwarf TV is on the immediate horizon (nor the short-term, mid-term or long-fucking-term horizons!!) but it’s nice to know that the petite rouge un has the ‘sci-fi comedy’ slot waiting for it at the BBC. If this new show fills it the frigging Beeb might tell Doug where to stick his long red CG pencil. That will be a sad day indeed.

    Still, we’ll have the movie to enjoy………..

  • “The BBC would *love* another series of Dwarf. VIII peaked at 8 million.

    But Doug refuses to do one as he’s concentrating on the Movie. And the BBC just aren’t interested in funding that.”

    Pity, that. Could just work the other way round. I mean he has to have the script for the movie ready by now, doesn’t he?

  • Yeah, but all his time is spent trying to establish funding for the Movie. Jetsetting off to Australia to convice investors, etc…

    Doing Red Dwarf IX would take a hell of a lot of time. He’s not just the writer; he’s the Executive Producer as well – and an Exec Producer who isn’t just a figurehead, but basically controls the entire show. It would take about 18 months from sitting down with a blank piece of paper to coming up with the final product.

    And in that time, his eye is taken completely off the ball with the Movie – and it might never end up being funded…

  • I hesitate to use the word “ripoff”, but a dysfunctional and undeniably English crew stuck with one-another as they explore space? If it’s not a ripoff, it’s certainly very cheekily trying to nip into Dwarf’s niche during the show’s absence. I disapprove. Highly.

    I’ll probably be funnier than Star Hyke, though.

  • I think if you’re going to have a British SF sitcom, there are bound to be similarities. There are similarities with Dwarf and HHGTTG superficially, but when you get into it there’s not much similar at all. I’d wait and see.

    Still, it doesn’t sound that good, to be honest. I quite like Cecil and Riley though, so we’ll see. (Fun fact: Kevin Cecil played Simon Quinlank’s nerd friend in one ep of TMWRNJ.)

  • Doug may have already written much of series IX, or at least a resolution to the VIII ‘cliffhanger’. Surely he’s had some time on his hands, and what better way to spend it than by coming up with ideas for either a 9th & 10th series or a TV special! Or maybe a new Dwarf novel.

    If the movie doesn’t get made in the end I will feel more sorry for Doug than anyone else. It seems like he’s spent a lifetime getting this fucker off the ground (‘off OF the ground’ if you’re American). If he’s spent years on this and it’s fruitless it will be the biggest shame.

  • >I quite like Cecil and Riley though, so we’ll see.

    Well, the one thing this could be said to have in its credit over Star Hyke is that someone involved has something better on their CV than “I was the pretty girlie all the fanboys liked to drool over on Babylon 5″…

  • I think you should all wait and see. Red dwarf wasn’t funny. Full Power will be potentially(if you look at the writing team). Personally i loved mork and bindy the best. Come back mork from bombay

  • Has everybody got the new BTL? It was ‘on it’s [sic] way’ as of 15th April according to TOS, and I haven’t got mine.

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