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  1. I didn’t pay enough attention to Who this evening to do another Doctor Dwarf. When I get round to watching it, I will.

  2. I don’t think there’s that much, to be honest. I didn’t spot anything other than the GELF/Gelth thing.

  3. I would say that this suggests Richard T Davies is a massive Dwarf fan, but he didn’t write this episode.

  4. Well, the lack of Dwarfy moments in this one, and the myriad in the last one, could suggest that too. Maybe Mark Gattiss couldn’t think of a name for his villains, so he gave RTD a ring.

  5. Well, I think the lack of Dwarf in this episode was because it was set in 1869, wheras the last one was on a space station.

  6. Stop being sensible when we’re trying to convolute a bollocks theory.

  7. Well there you go. Going back in time, altercating with and changing the path of a historical figure. It’s obvious. Isn’t it?

  8. Do you not mean “It’s a blatant clue, isn’t it? Blatant! If you didn’t get that you must have been playing like puddings!”

  9. Well yes. Um…..Mike Tucker did the effects does that count?

  10. Seeing as John managed to do an article about Filthy, Rich and Catflap for G&T on the strength of similar crew members: yes.

  11. In the episode ‘Father’s Day’ Rose’s dad is called Pete Tyler. Why has this pleased me so much?

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