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  1. He he.This is one of the greatest things I’ve read for a while –

    “Red Dwarf fans are saddos with no lives, who can
    only interact with other saddos and have no reasonable judgement when it
    comes to the quality of TV shows (otherwise they’d recognise RD for the
    second-rate bunk it is)”

    Personally, I can’t even interact with other saddos. The only things I seem to relate to are…Lynx cans and jars of lemon curd.

    I think EVERYONE should also view this page about a movie/series 9 wishlist –


    Fuck, that’s long. But look at it, please do for your fathers’ sakes. It’s enough to make you want to end it all right now. And it includes a post from Mr Flibble.

  2. I’d erased that particular thread from my memory, you bastard.

  3. I looked at that list.

    I’m fine, thank you, Susan.

  4. “Or bring people like Ricki Gervais and
    David Williams :D”

    *throws up*

  5. I love The Office, but come on, Gervais writing Dwarf is about as likely as him writing The Simps… oh.

  6. Jesus Christ Oh Fooking Hell indeed.

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