Not much happening at the moment. I’ll warn you that a lot of the smaller stuff I tend to post over at Observation Dome these days. There’s also plenty of interesting Dwarf-related stuff there, so it’s well worth a look if you don’t frequent the place already.

TOS UPDATE: Firstly, a little mention for the Region 4 release of Red Dwarf VI on April 7th. Insert your own offensive stereotypes here. The other update is a lovely Down Time article Six of the Best – basically, Andrew rambles on about Series 6 for a bit. I think it’s rather good. Don’t you, Mister Arnold, sir?

CAST COMMENTARIES: Andrew has also revealed on the webboard that the first cast commentary was recorded today; presumably for VII. The second is tomorrow. Apparently, they were very good and this could be one of the best ones – and “Chloë’s great at bossing the lads around and getting them back on topic.” To which I say: good.

Andrew also mentions that “Web chatting with Doug this week, he seemed positive for some news shortly. But then, it was ever thus.” Hey, I’ll cling on to any thread I can.

HAPPY DEATHDAY TO ME: Yes, it’s the second birthday since we had our relaunch. Ian’s too busy to do a proper tribute, so I’ll just say: hooray for us. Not that anyone cares. We even have to organise our own surprise birthday parties…

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  • “Web chatting with Doug this week, he seemed positive for some news shortly”

    Maybe the potential Movie funders heard Craig is joining Coronation Street and had a change of heart……………………

    Seriously, and I’m talking completely and utterly seriously here, would you accept it if Lister was recast?

    I know I’d accept it if it was Craig’s fault that he had to be recast because he’d committed to Corrie. If that happened he would well and truly deserve to be sacked off the movie, the traitorous shit!! Obviously it wouldn’t be the same without him, but at least there would BE a movie, and always chance for Craig to rejoin for future series (but do you think he’d be likely to do that after being sacked off the Movie!!!).

    Who would you cast in the role of Dave Lister? Maybe Craig could get enough time to film a cameo appearance and he’s killed only for us to find out that Lister’s actually a Time Lord and regenerates into the actor who’s playing him for the rest of the movie……………… ….. .

  • Much as I dislike Craig Charles, I really don’t want anyone else to play Lister. He is Lister. If the Movie was a remake done many years later than now (eg. Hitchhikers), then I’d accept a completely new cast. But not just yet.

  • As much as I think Craig is a bit of a cock, I think he is genuinely great as Lister. I really can’t see anyone else taking the role, or fitting with the rest of the cast so well.

  • I agree with Ian’s ‘Not just yet’, I feel there’s possibly a few years left yet before we have to say the casts age is a major problem. I’m not sure when Craig starts filming, but lets not forget Robert is commited to ‘Scrap Heap’ as well which is soon to start filming. The DVD’s will be in the bag by Septemberish, which leaves the GNP team free to move onto the next project. I think if it’s going to happen, the end of this year will be the likely film start time. even if it’s Green Lit soon, the preperation time must be quite long winded.
    Having followed the ‘team’ for so long, I would find it hard to accept new main cast members.

  • I have nothing against Craig Charles…in fact, I think he’s hilarious as Lister. I haven’t seen him in anything else, though (barring the documentaries) so his Dwarfian activities are all I have to go by.

    All the same, I’d be very, very disappointed if any of the main cast were dropped from the film.

  • As I’ve said before, VI was the release that I thought for the first time “I’m *so* glad I’ve just got the episodes on DVD, let alone the extras!” Which just shows how much I love VI, I suppose.

  • “Not much happening at the moment.”

    No shit. No new Dwarf for six years, perhaps it’s time you all moved on?

  • I’m sure Craig would have a get out clause in his Corrie contract. There is no way he would miss making the film and making megabucks!!

  • > No shit. No new Dwarf for six years, perhaps it’s time you all moved on?

    a) Erm, in that case, why are you reading this site? Move on, man!
    b) There’s still plenty happening news-wise really – the DVDs being the main thing, but also merchandise and stuff. To say nothing of the continuing saga of the Movie, which is newsworthy anyway, whether you think it will happen (as I do) or not.
    c) What’s wrong with doing retrospective stuff about old shows anyway? Since when is that kind of stuff not valid? If a show is great, it’s great for all time. If something isn’t happening *right* *now*, does that make it worthless?
    d) I really don’t know why I’m responding to an obvious troll…

  • “d) I really don’t know why I’m responding to an obvious troll…”

    Maybe ’cause he’s a complete cunt and needs shouting at loudly! If there was no new Dwarf for another 5 years there’d still be interest. As for the Movie without the original cast, I’m sure it would have to be pretty much a complete rewrite, as Doug’s script will obviously be written for the cast. No Hollywood actor, no matter how good they are, could deliver Rimmer’s lines in the same way. Same goes for all the cast. As much as Craig annoys me at times…..I suppose anyone else as Lister would be shit. The only character that wouldn’t annoy me if it was recast is Kochanski, and that isn’t slagging Chloe Annett, it’s just that her character hasn’t been in it enough and had enough memorable moments….or something. Roll on series IX.

  • I’m actually glad this was raised because for a long time I assumed you guys were taking the piss out of people who liked Red Dwarf. I seriously thought this was a spoof fan site!

  • Liam – hilarious! In fact, that comment was funnier than either of the final two series of Red Dwarf.

  • I love red drawf and have watched for longer than i can remember ( i was born in 89) and if anyone else replaced craig,chris, robert or danny as the main characters the film just wouldn’t be worth it. and i don’t think that the commitments the actors have at the min (e.g. craig in corrie, robert in scrap heap, chris in films or bbc2 documenteries, etc… or danny in that storymakers fing) as a date would be chosen to start filming
    if they ever do a seres 9 though i would love to be in audience *shuts up and goes back 2 watching stasis leak*

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