Rewatching Future Echoes again last night…something struck me. Rimmer walks into the room with his “spanking short haircut” and the Cat gives him a very confused look.

RIMMER: What’s he looking at?

Now, I know Lister isn’t very bright…especially in the first series…but “Who?” is a monumentally stupid question for him to ask, considering there are only three people on the entire ship. How can any of them possibly have trouble with pronouns? Everybody is either me, you, or he…and there’s no possible overlap.

It just seems odd to me that in Lister’s situation, he’d have to ask who Rimmer means by “he.”

4 comments on “Lister, have you been at that Marijuana Gin again?

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  • Hadn’t the Cat walked out of the room before Lister turned round? Or have I just watched it twice with my eyes closed?

  • Holly?

    Also it was only the second episode. Lister perhaps had not yet got used to such a lack of company.

  • Yeah, I thought it COULD be Holly…and I’m almost willing to grant him that…but “What’s he looking at?” is a bit of an odd question to ask regarding a computer who seems always to stare blankly anyway.

    As for Spid’s comment, yeah, I guess it could be that the Cat left the room, so “Who?” could be referring to the fact that nobody else is in the room…I’m about willing to go with that.

    Even so, I’m amused by it as a “writer’s-glitch” in the way that Grant Naylor themselves weren’t quite used to the idea that nobody else was around.

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