So I’m in the Radio Merseyside newsroom, lurking around looking for something useful to do, when I spot a book on my producer’s desk. This book, in fact. It’s called Glued To The Gogglebox : 50 Years Of British Television, and it’s a book of cartoons/caricatures of various British TV series, by an artist who I presume is from Liverpool (hence the book being there), and with little encapsulations of the series written by Lynne Truss (i.e. she of Eats, Shoots and Leaves fame). So, naturally, I pick it up, thinking “Well, it’s not going to have Dwarf in it, is it?” (because these sorts of things normally overlook it). And, to my surprise, it did. More to my surprise, though the cartoon was a bit naff, the description by Truss was actually fairly close to accurate – certainly closer than a lot of books (or magazines, or anything) that cover British TV history tend to be when they try and sum up the characters in a paragraph :

Chris Barrie as Rimmer the egocentric hologram, Danny John-Jules as the highly-evolved cat, Craig Charles as Lister the last human and Robert Llewellyn as Kryton [sic] the subserviant Mechanoid in Red Dwarf, a sort of space sit-com first seen on BBC2 in 1988

Of course it’s not perfect (“Kryton”?), but it does a better job than most non-Dwarf-publications (and even some Dwarf-publications!) of encapsulating the characters without completely misjudging them…

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