Oooh, I had a lovely time at the The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford today. I mainly spent my time in TV Heaven. And guess what’s happening there next month?

Red Dwarf
Saturday, May 21, 2005 – 11.00am
Originating as a Radio 4 sketch and developed by two writers from Spitting Image, the adventures of Dave Lister, Arnold Rimmer, Kryten and the Cat have become a cult classic and a huge international hit. Discover how this sitcom came to be made and its distant connection with Thunderbirds and the US sitcom Frasier. We’ll include a screening of the episode Me2 from the first series in 1988.

Distant connection with Thunderbirds = Peter Wragg, and Frasier = Jane Leeves, obviously. Still, this looks rather fun; I shall mail them tonight to see if I can find out any more about the event, and report back. Aren’t I nice?

Maybe we should have a G&T school outing…

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  • Another link to Thunderbirds, although rather stretched is The wonderful Shane RIMMER who voiced Scott Tracey, He also played ‘ACE’ in Dr Strangelove. Spooky or what! (Ok, maybe not). He was sat not very far away from Chris Barrie at last years Memorabilia and said he enjoyed what he’d seen of Red Dwarf. He’s been in countless Space based programmes and Films, what a guy…

  • Hmm. My post was deleted. I was wondering (a bit off this thread topic but who would read it if it were in an older thread?) whether a “Kryten having his head put on” featurette is called for on one of the future DVDs? I want more of Robert’s moaning from his Man in the Rubber Mask book. Also an “evolution of the costumes” featurette in general might be worthwhile. I don’t mean a music-style featurette – I mean proper interviews and discussion in both cases.

  • Cpt-D: thanks!

    Toys: Surely I can’t be the only one who agrees with you. A Howard Burden featurette as well-assembled as the Howard Goodall featurette would be heavenly.

  • I agree too, as I’ve said before, Howard Burden comes across on the DVD’s thus far as one of the great unsung heroes of Dwarf. His enthusiasm is never ending despite half of his ideas evolving into a budget of 50p and a trip to Oxfam.
    He has done a superb job, Splendid…

  • On the subject of DVD extras, I seriously doubt we’ll get anything on the subject of Rob Grant leaving. They dealt with the subject of Hattie leaving on the series V DVD; logic dictates they would have dealt with Rob’s departure on the last series with which he’d had some involvement. Though we can always hope: I mean the USA clips were something unexpected and at the very last minute.

  • They can’t just gloss over it – and I don’t think they’d want to. We’ll get *something*.

    I can see your point about Hattie – but it was probably arbitary which documentary they dealt with it in, and the V DVD probably provided more opportunity. Rob Grant leaving would fit in more with the VII doco – the intro at the start.

  • >That explains the smell.

    It’s one thing for people to accidentally say that four times a day at work. It’s another to go to the effort of typing it out. You should be put at an awkward angle and pelted with wet sponges my boy.

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