Prop Bore

I’ve not bothered with this on G&T for ages, because even we were getting bored; but I have to mention an item in the Prop Store sale of Dwarf props: a ZX Spectrum used as set dressing for VIII, selling for £45. Nice to see that this kind of thing was still going on in 1999; I love the obvious BBC Micro keyboard that you can see Kryten typing on early in Bodyswap.

Now, can any of you lot find it in the series? Or have you, quite shockingly, got better things to do?

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  1. I’ve got better things to do than watch series VIII. Watching porn for instance. Or watching Father Ted series 2 episode New Jack City. Perhaps I should just get back to bed…er…work I mean. Fuck a duck.

  2. I’d actually assumed the prop store wasn’t getting any new RD props since TOS hasn’t mentioned it in a very long time. Are they bored as well?

  3. That poster we got given at DJ is selling for ?35.00! Madness!

  4. Not sure what this has to do with this thread, but I enjoyed that throughly! Thanks!

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