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“i am 17 and have been a red dwarf fan for as long as i can remember, literally. I have 5 of the 6 dvd’s currently out and i love them, But i want more! when is the movie actually coming out if it has infact been made yet, if it is ever going to be made, i cant find any believable information about the production and release of the movie, if they arent going to amke a film, then why dont they make series 9. i would love to see what happens, and it would be just the dwarfers alone in the ship(if everyone doesnt get minced that is) kinda like the early series of red dwarf. I know all the actors are probably doing projects but we need sum more dwarfing, does anybody know what i mean and does anyone know anything usefull about the goddamn movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Why don’t you talk properly?

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  • The only fact about the movie I can see is that it’s not happening. Oh yeah, that and the fact that it would suck if it was made anyway. Bring back Doctor Who, that’s what I say. Now there’s a show I’d watch. Fuck all this Dwarf nonsense.

  • I don’t know, if they brought back Doctor Who in this day and age they’d probably do something stupid like cast a pop star in it, and get a couple of poofs to write it.

  • > Why don’t you talk properly?

    Come now, John. Not everybody is blessed with two brain halves.

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