The not-so-promised land

Gentlemen, thank you for attending the meeting. Now, let me begin by saying that it can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that things have been getting rather crap around Fuchal of late. It’s no secret that morale is on the floor. I’ve lost all trace of keeping up to date with news, reviews are coming in late, and content is low. So I’ve decided, if it’s all right with you, to appoint you all morale officers, and set you the task of raising the spirits and improving the atmosphere all round.

Or, to put it another way, I haven’t done anything good with Fuchal for ages. Movements are afoot that I’m not at liberty to talk about which should see a concerted attempt by us OD lot to make online RD fandom really damned good, vital, thriving, up to date and stuff (because we’re big-headed enough to try and take on tasks like that), and I want my site – still the impetuous young newcomer on the block to G&T’s grizzled old gunslinger – to be worthy of it when such things happen. So I want to start by writing something new. The thing is, I’ve got a handful of different things I could be writing. So, what would be most likely to get read, absorbed and discussed? I’m still late with doing a Series VI DVD review, I could do that. There’s my much-mooted examination of the oft-contradictory history of holograms in the programme. And there’s the task I recently set myself to go through the whole of Series VIII and write a stream of consciousness set of thoughts about it as I go (currently on hold while I try and make it a bit more readable and less repetitive). Or I could just do simple, honest-to-goodness episode reviews.

What do you think? Which of those sounds the best? Which do you think should make its way on to the site first? Or do you, honestly, not give a shit? Advice welcome.

EDIT : And I swear I didn’t steal the idea of using the Out Of Time intro to describe a website from G&T. Bastards.

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  1. I can’t wait for the much-discussed VIII stuff, and the history of holograms sounds great too. As good as I’m sure your VI review would be, it is a tad late and has been covered excellently elsewhere, so you should concentrate on the more unique stuff.

    > EDIT : And I swear I didn’t steal the idea of using the Out Of Time intro to describe a website from G&T. Bastards.

    To be fair, we’ve only used it seven times.

  2. I’m be most interested in your Hologram article. It’s a very good, original idea.

  3. I’d say VIII stuff and hologram article.

  4. I’d say anything I can read that’ll help me form an opinion on RD before Ian brainwashes me.

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