So. April Fools continuing after Midday. Doesn’t that mean we’re the fool, and not you?It’s tradition, for some no doubt obscure reason, that April Fools need to happen before Midday. We broke that today, deliberately. Whoops.

There’s two reasons here. Firstly, most of our activity is late on in the day. Secondly, we’re a worldwide site so we have to cover all bases. Well, America getting up.

But it had the right reaction. When I posted the “uh oh, Lawers” post earlier on, it had a few more of you believing the fool. Which, to be honest, is what April Fools is about.

And, lets face it, you all fell for the Series VII Extended one.

So, if them still being there after midday means we’re the fools, I’m happy to accept that. It made my day happy, anyhow :)

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