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  • Don’t have a posting account so I’m hijacking this thread.

    Doctor who 2 minutes ago…..

    Mauve Alert??

    For smegs sake, Russell.

  • Wasn’t particularly suggesting it was a dwarf reference, especially seen as it’s from Mr Moffatt. I doubt any off them have to be honest. Just the fact it’s the same joke!

    I can’t say I agree the joke is an obvious one though. Any joke could in a way be desribed as obvious once someone has come up with it. But i’s not like every sci-fi comedy ever has done the same gag.

    Are Blue Alerts a common thing? Only a “mauve” alert gag doesn’t really work unless a blue alert is a well known thing (if it is I’m ignorant of it) Whose the alert specialist round here?

  • Once you start doing alert jokes, it’s a fairly obvious one to come up with. Especially as “mauve” is an amusing word anyway. Admittedly, alert jokes are fairly rare…

    Anyway – brilliant ep.

  • Could be Russell’s gag though – it certainly seems more his style than Moffatt’s. The writer of ‘Dalek’ mentioned that Russell wrote the “Dump him somewhere beginning with S” joke in that one, for instance.

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