If I see one more DVD review referring to an episode of a series called Dave Hollins – Space Cadet, I swear I shall go mad with a gun in a Primary school, or something.


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  1. There is more than one Dave Hollins sketch, no?

    Therefore, you could technically say that DH:SC is in fact a series. It’s a series of sketches, within a series of a comedy programme.

  2. I know what John’s getting at. The implication is that Dave Hollins was a radio series in itself, and Son of Clich? gets fuck all mention. It shows no research from the reviewer at all.

  3. I know what he’s getting at, and I know he’s right.

    I’m just being a pedantic little shit/playing Devil’s Advocate/delete as appropriate.

  4. I knew someone would put that. I nearly put a disclaimer on it, but thought that would detract from my RIGHTOUS ANGER.

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