The HIGNFY logo.Yep – Robert Llewellyn is on HIGNFY, on BBC ONE, Friday 20th May @ 9:00pm, with a repeat on BBC TWO, Saturday 21st May @ 10:25pm. Guest presenter for that week is Marcus Brigstocke. OH FUCKING GOODY.

Still, Robert is sure to be good value, as anyone who has been to Dimension Jump will attest. It’s his first time on the show – but, of course, not the first time a Dwarfer has appeared. Oh dear:

  • Craig Charles: 10-7 (08-Dec-1995)
  • Jack Docherty: 8-7 (09-Dec-1994), 12-8 (22-Nov-1996), 13-5 (16-May-1997)
  • Craig Ferguson: 2-7 (15-Nov-1991)
  • Hattie Hayridge: 8-6 (02-Dec-1994), 14-6 (28-Nov-1997)
  • Tony Hawks: 6-2 (05-Nov-1993), 7-4 (13-May-1994), 12-6 (08-Nov-1996)
  • Gordon Kennedy: 10-1 (27-Oct-1995), 12-5 (01-Nov-1996)
  • Jane Leeves: 28-4 (05-Nov-2004)
  • Tony Slattery: 1-3 (12-Oct-1990), 2-2 (11-Oct-1991), 3-1 (24-Apr-1992), 5-8 (04-Jun-1993 – the ep with the tub of lard)
  • Arthur Smith: 1-4 (19-Oct-1990), 8-2 (04-Nov-1994)
  • Mark Steel: 23-4 (10-May-2002), 25-4 (16-May-2003), 28-4 (05-Nov-2004)
  • Ruby Wax: 25-1 (25-Apr-2003)

I deeply, deeply apologise.

Incidentally, Robert apparently announced this on his website, but I never visit it because whilst the content is great, I can’t stand the actual design of the bloody thing – it’s far too much like hard work to navigate. (The old site was great…) So ta to Cpt-D who first posted it to the TOS Webboard. Erm, and thanks for the headline too. Thanks Cpt-D.


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