Anyone see The Llewellyn on HIGNFY this week, then? I didn’t even know he was going to be on it, but he’s in Jim Shelley’s TV column in the Mirror today as “Good Point Of The Week” :

I’m going to get a hoodie and wear it when I’m with my son. Then he’ll NEVER wear one again.

I’m going to have a nose around UKNova and see if it’s on there. I’ll report back.

Oh, and that reminds me – I don’t know if it was mentioned, but there was a picture of Craig in the Mirror last week some time, filming his new role in Corrie. I’d have scanned it, but, erm, I don’t have a scanner. It says, though, that his character is going to be taking a stake in the StreetCars business, which suggests a rather larger role than just a cameo…


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  1. He was very quiet, but very Robert. I would have it recorded, but I forgot to set my DTT box to turn on, meaning I have lovely blank files where Dr Who and HIGNFY should be.

  2. I am very annoyed at myself for managing to forget to watch this, TWICE. Though I did catch his comment at the end about the equipment receiving interference from taxi radios.

  3. “I have lovely blank files where Dr Who and HIGNFY should be.”

    I managed to set my DTT card to record Doctor Who at the wrong time. EVEN THOUGH I was in the next room watching it at the correct time. Durrr.

    I might be able to grab some Robert clips, if you like, Seb?

  4. Soory, I still can’t work out the full title of this post, just bits of it.

    Care to explain, Seb?

  5. Oh, and I taped HIGNFY on friday. I was a bit perturbed the way that Marcus Brigstock introduced him as a ‘former’ Red Dwarf cast member.
    I don’t like talking about the Dwarf in the past tense.

  6. “I don’t like talking about the Dwarf in the past tense.”

    Neither did I.

  7. >Soory, I still can’t work out the full title of this post, just bits of it.

    >Care to explain, Seb?

    Erm, it’s just a random composite of the letters that make up HIGNFY, with “Did You See What I Did There?” added to the end of it. It was a joke, y’see. I’d love to know what you worked out some of the rest of it meant, though!

  8. Well, there isn’t a DYSWIDT on the end, so that’s an interesting reply :P

  9. I saw YISWYDT at the end, which I assumed meant Seb had begun referring to himself in both the first and second person in the same sentence.

  10. I obviously meant “I See What You Did There”. Doh.

  11. And, Kirk – know that I could have edited that subject line to make you look like a pillock, rather than looking like a pillock myself :-p

  12. I was waiting for you to do so :)

  13. I bastard missed this.

    Why is it I always remember to do G&T articles, but forget about the actual event?

  14. Forgive my ignorance, but what is HIGNFY?

  15. Have I Got News For You, a British, topical, satirical, comedy, quiz show, panel game-type programme. Used to be better before they sacked Angus Deayton.

  16. I was getting a bit tired of it then, to be honest. I think the guest presenters have given it a new lease of life.

    At least we haven’t got Armstrong every single week like what was planned. That would have got boring quickly.

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