“Today I was given the chance to operate a huge mobile crane with a lifting capacity of 250 tonnes and a medium sized mobile crane with a lifting capacity of over 20 tonnes. With the huge mobile crane we lifted the medium sized mobile crane and with the medium sized mobile crane, just to see if I’d mastered the delicate touch requred, we lifted a small table set with a ‘dinner for two’ layout, flowers and wine included, from the ground onto a flatbed truck. Everyone was hoping I would make a complete hash of it but no, I managed to put everything down with no casualties. However, I could probably have painted the entire mobile crane – two coats, in the time it took to finally land the table for two. The imperceptibility of the jib’s movement made the rotation of the London Eye look positively frantic. And what was the point of this excercise? Well almost certainly to satisfy my own stubborn ego, that I could actually do it! One thing is for sure; it would have made very tedious television. So we recorded a second version where we sent the table flying.”

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