Mork and Mindy

Currently on Paramount every day at 5pm.

It really is rather good, you know – and surprisingly near the knuckle at times. And the theme tune “kicks” “butt”. And besides, Pam Dawber makes me want to do things…

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  1. I agree on all counts but…..

    That your submissions are at least vaguely to do with Dwarf. No matter how minor. Posts about your breakfast are disallowed, for instance; unless your sausage was shaped a bit like the Re-mastered Red Dwarf and you just feel the need to tell the world about it.

  2. Mork and Mindy is a SF sitcom. That’s the very vague link. I thought people who liked Dwarf would also be interested in this, and would want to know that it was on. It’s certainly more relevant than a breakfast, at least.

    I should perhaps change that page to “mostly to do with Dwarf”.

  3. Seeing as de Charles is now a member of the Coronation Street cast, that means that you could post anything about Corrie. Maybe there’ll be some Dwarf references. As long as it’s Dwarf-related, even if it’s fuckin Krispie cakes or a wank you had over C.P. Grogan, where’s the harm in posting it.

  4. Mork and Mindy is a million times more interesting than Coronation Street anyway.

  5. Mork and Mindy is NOT better than My Hero.

    There. I said it.

  6. That’s the wrong opinion, Phil.

  7. I agree with John.

    Mork and Mindy is legendary, My Hero is a big pile of smelly pants.

    That is all.

  8. My Hero is an abomination to the English speaking world. Mork and Mindy, while relying on some contrived morals to give the show purpose, had a great degree of imagination.

    Plus in later episodes, Mork fell pregnant and gave birth. Subsequently ripped off in Parallel Universe (or homaged or coincidentally referenced)…so there’s your link.

    And ‘Shazbut’ is almost as funny as ‘Smeg’…which is the sole reason why Red Dwarf is funny. Obviously.

  9. > while relying on some contrived morals to give the show purpose

    The odd thing is, I usually hate Hate HATE shows that do this. But I don’t mind when Mork and Mindy does it, even when it’s done about as subtly as, erm, a pint of smeg in the face.

    I think it’s just because I like the characters so much. Oh, OK: because I seriously want to shag Pam Dawber over and over and over again.

  10. I dunno…I just never really ended up with any kind of fondness for Mork and Mindy. Also, I truly hate Robin Williams.

    My Hero may not be classic stuff, but it’s REALLY NOT SO BAD. (That, however, is about as far as I can bring my defense.)

  11. Robin Williams is a damn fine actor.

    I find My Hero to be too far on the silly side personally, the jokes are too stupid to be funny.

  12. Tbh I agree with everything John says. Especially the bit about Paw Dawber. I’m sure there’s one episode where she dresses up like a hooker or somekind of street trash which I really shouldn’t admit a liking for.




  14. I read that there could be a Mork & Mindy film. Then again, you can’t believe all the movie rumours flying around, like that rumour about a movie based on that British sitcom set on a giant red penis (that’d explain the smeg then). However, I never thought the League of Gentlemen film would get off the ground and look, it’s out on Friday.

  15. > However, I never thought the League of Gentlemen film would get off the ground and look, it’s out on Friday.

    Indeed! I won’t get to see it for a while, though, cos I’ll be staying with the missus when it comes out, and she’s SCARED OF PAPA LAZAROU.

  16. C’mon man surely you can escape for 2 hours?

  17. if you want to see it, Ian. I’ll quite happily sit in the pub for two hours while your in the cinema….

  18. But then he wouldn’t have vag action for TWO HOLE HOURS.

    …I think I’ll leave that misspelling as it is.

  19. You think we’d be at it in the cinema?

  20. It’s an interesting premise you know.

    Papa Lazarou as contreception.

  21. I could manipulate my penis head so it looks like it’s talking, and make it say “HELLO DAVE!”

  22. What was what?

  23. No really, what?

  24. Somebody else tell her. I’ve got gussets to scrub.

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