Stephen Fry.QI is returning this autumn! And Applause Store is offering tickets. (Thanks to Lord Lopper on NOTBBC for the news.)

Recordings announced so far are on Monday 23rd May, Tuesday 31st May, Wednesday 1st June, and Monday 6th June, at the The London Studios (evil website alert). You can either book online, or ring 020 8324 2700 (10.30-18.00 Mon-Fri). I just wish I could AFFORD TO GO, but sadly I’m spending all my money on TEH TOP SECRET G&T PROJECT. You WILL be both interested and grateful, honest.

No word as to guests as yet. Of course, the only reason we really cover this is Howard Goodall’s involvement, although the show’s so good anyway that it deserves covering. But in any case, here is the full version of Howard’s theme tune for the series, just to keep things vaguely relevant.

Anyway, anyone been catching Howard Goodall’s Musical Zodiac on Monday evenings on Radio 2? I have shamefully missed all of them, Austin’s best efforts. Me = prick.

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