My my, what have we here? It’s a title called Red Dwarf – Series One, due for release on CD on New Year’s Day 2006. Crikey! There are four things that this could be:

  1. A CD release of the radio series, which were abridged versions of Infinity and BTL. Broadcast on BBC World Service and released on tape in the mid-nineties.
  2. Audio versions of some or all Series One episodes. It’s precedented with other classic sitcoms, but it’s unlikely here, because not only is Dwarf rather reliant on visuals, be they special effects or gags, and a month after this CD is released, all eight series will be out on DVD
  3. Music from the series. This would be excellent.
  4. Something completely different.

Either way, cor! Ta to Si Bromley for posting this on BTLi.

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  • It probably is just another spoof sighting to get our hopes up for something new.

  • A broken link isn’t a false sighting though. It’s a non-sighting. Stop confusing things.

  • You can only view that TOS webboard post if you’re logged in. For all non-members:


    We’ve got nothing on the slate of this type as yet,
    though audio CDs have been in discussion since
    approximately the invention of the wheel. (Which is
    what I assume this to be – the shows in audio
    format, just like Fawlty Towers and Blackadder
    before them.)

    The BBC are considering the audio CDs, but at the
    same level right now as two-dozen other ideas that
    may or may not see the light of day.

    I understand the rights issues – PJP, BBC, GNP, not to
    mention residuals for artists, would make it an uphill
    struggle, but not impossible. So it’s been talked
    about, but only in vague terms, and certainly we
    don’t even have a decision to DO it, much less what
    the release schedule might be.

    That said, we HAVE entertained discussions on who
    would be best to do ‘links’, a la Manuel’s Fawlty
    Towers ‘voiceovers’.

    (The links generally explain, in amusing way, what’s
    happening in-vision to better explain what you’re
    hearing. My feeling is that the Hollys should provide
    this for their seasons, with Kryten doing VI and VII.
    Who has any thoughts on this?)

    If it does happen, as opposed to just being one of
    2,000 things discussed every week, we’ll post on the


    Website Co-ordinator

  • Right, so what is it then? Is it actually anything to do with Red Dwarf at all or is someone in breech of copyright for the name? So many questions…

  • “Why would list it, then?” is the most unreliable. The series 1 DVD cover is still the hoax one.



    “ is the most unreliable. The series 1 DVD cover is still the hoax one.”

    That’s not a hoax, that’s a very early mockup. Also: I’ve never known Play list something that doesn’t exist…


    Indeed it will. However, the movie of Red DWARF (with an F rather than a T) will be great.

  • Surely that was a witty literary reference? I assumed he was directing us to a reading of Lennon’s short story “Snore Wife and Some Several Dwarts”…

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