As we’re short on news, I thought I’d go trawling through the interweb to see if I could find anything interesting. To start you off, here’s a couple of interviews; a great one on the Orion Books site (“I set myself minimum limits, in terms of daily word counts, when I’m writing a novel” – yeah, right) and a an older one by Gary “CUNT” Bushell (“I’m knocked out by Seven Of Nine. What a body! Every time she comes on screen I goggle” – as a feminist myself, I can quite clearly state that I want to spunk all over her whilst she’s in her tight catsuit, and then get Dax from DS9 to lick it all off.)

But that was the starter. This is the main course. Searching on Amazon, I discovered four rather interesting entries:

So, anyone have any cunting idea what Colony Mobile is? It’s apparently a hardcover of some sort. As for various posters and stickers: YES I WANT THEM NOW PLEASE. The two Incompetence ones in particular are interesting, having been released fairly recently – presumably to tie in with the paperback release. Sadly, as none of them are avaliable, it indicates that the products were either never released, or had very limited avaliability – free promotional stuff, perhaps? If anyone’s seen anything, let us know.

What we don’t wanna know is where the sweet’s kept. Or, rather, we do. Because it happens to be this little curio. The Clearing, directed by Rob Grant? It’s linked to on his TV Tome page, so either someone has made a mistake, or it’s something I need to see immediately. Some kind of student film, perhaps? Anyone here heard of it?

And there concludes my collection of Google searches. Expect an official site summary this Friday.

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