We’re running a poll to decide what’s the best homegrown SF/fantasy/horror TV show of all time. What do you reckon? Is it the daddy of them all, The Quatermass Experiment? Is it Doctor Who? Is it something more cult-ish, like The Prisoner or Sapphire And Steel? Or do you think Galloping Galaxies is an under-rated classic? If so, please seek medical help. Cast your vote now by emailing

Tell us your top three shows in order, like this:
1. Quatermass And The Pit
2. Doctor Who
3. Galloping Galaxies

Please put BEST OF BRITISH VOTE as the subject of your email. Give us a sentence or two explaining your choices, too, if you like! Oh, and don’t forget to tell us your name,and where you’re from!

OH I WONDER WHAT WILL WIN HMMMM. Still, I’m of the opinion that Red Dwarf doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough in SFX (although judging by their DVD reviews, that could be a good thing). So do it, daddio. Or something.

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  • I put Dwarf top, then Who, but then I was a bit stuck for a third great british SF/fantasy show.
    Any suggestions? Let’s make a list.

  • The Prisoner was quite cool, but I’m afraid a certain Doctor prevails. You were expecting someone else?? Oh yeah, there’s this weird show about a pencil, it’s red if I remember. There’s this fat American captain-dude who was in the Aliens special edition, and some freaky vampire dude with fangs. It’s a little too ‘cult’ for my tastes…..

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