This bit of fanfic has been doing the rounds for years. Long before I had even heard of the internet, it turned up on a 5.25″ disc I got from a BBC Micro PD library back in the early nineties. And let’s face it – it’s pretty crap, even if it isn’t the worst example of its kind.

But there’s one line that still makes me laugh to this day:

[Fade back to Enterprise, The Red Dwarf is now fully through the time hole, and is making the Enterprise look slightly small.]

What I would pay to see that model shot…

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  • “Kryten: [To cat]Sir, unlikely as it may seem, the singular act of plugging your super deluxe hair dryer into the control room power supply has put us in a space/time hole, and I feel that I must say that I think that you are a complete SMEEEG HEERRD.”

    Either the author is writing a very subtle jab at the laziness of fanfiction, or–

    It’s too hideous to contemplate.

  • I’ve read some shit in my time, but that… that… eeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *head explodes, with dark forebodings too*

  • “*head explodes, with dark forebodings too*”

    How can you even feature a line from the best album in the history of time with this piece of crap!

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