A twattish fan.Hey, y’all! Chris Barrie, Craig Charles and Danny John-Jules are all at Collectormania 7 on May 1st… oh. Ah. Balls. Well, let’s see what else is on then, eh?

At The Comedy Store in London on Monday May 9th @ 8:00pm is a Star Wars Comic Relief Benefit gig. The line up is Lee Mack, Terry Alderton, Scott Capurro, Joe Cornish, Mitch Benn (excellent, he is), John Fothergill, Paul Thorne, and… Hattie Hayridge. And if you’re wondering where Star Wars comes into it, there’s going to be a screening of the Sith trailer, along with “other very special Star Wars film material” and “on duty Stormtroopers and other Star Wars dressed characters, original music, surprises and loads of great official promotional giveaways”. But best of all, and the main reason to go: Joe is showing some of the Adam & Joe Star Wars toy parodies!

Tickets cost £15, with at least 50% of that going to Comic Relief. It should obviously be 100% with everyone giving their time and resources for free – but at least it’s far better than Walkers donating ONE CUNTING PENCE PER PACKET. And their crisps are shit into the bargain.

Erm, sorry. Yes. Benefit gig. Hattie. Joe. Go.

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