The House That Nat Built

Wondering what Danny’s up to at the moment? Wonder no more – he’s directing The House That Nat Built, a production that tells the story of Nat King Cole’s life through his songs. As well as a celebration of his work, it also commemorates the 40th anniversary of his death, on June 3rd.

The tour actually started in March; annoyingly, we didn’t hear of it. Still, there’s plenty of dates left:

Date Venue Box Office
Saturday 28th May Phoenix Arts Centre, Hastings 01424 448200
Friday 3rd June Rhonda McGaw Theatre, Woking 01483 545900
Saturday 4th June Shearsby Bath, Leicestershire 01162 478202
Saturday 11th June Huntingdon Hall, Worcester 01905 611427
Tuesday 28th June Hackney Empire, London 020 8985 2424
Wednesday 29th June Hackney Empire, London 020 8985 2424
Sunday 10th July Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells 01892 678678
Friday 29th July Clair Hall, Haywards Heath 01444 455440

This is all excellent stuff. It’s a pity then that the website is so ridiculously badly-designed. This isn’t just a case of me being an arsey purist – the entire site is made up of images. Quite apart from the other problems this causes – how the hell can someone who is visually impaired read it? It’s especially galling, as I’m sure many such people love Nat King Cole and would love to hear the show. Really bloody ridiculous. Mind you, if anyone can fill out this “form” to join the mailing list, I’d be surprised…

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  1. That website makes no sense. I has to be about 10 times more complicated to do it all with images than actually using text.

  2. That form is a joke, I take it.

  3. It *even* has a ‘submit button’. The only way I can explain that is that it must be some sort of template that they’ve forgotten to properly implement…

  4. I clicked the Submit button. I expect I’ll soon be receiving more information on the show.

  5. I’m tempted to steal the improperly-implemented template for my own site.

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