10 Responses to The Vicar of Dibbley

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  1. I wish the Vicar of Dibley would go down the Duane.

  2. Something to do with teeth the Anglicans can use as a place of worship?

  3. The halowed marble arches?

  4. “God bless you my son… you’ve been in all our prayers!”

  5. I’m betting Duane Dibbley is in Doug’s movie script. As will be the Reservoir Dogs walk. And Ace. And the Blue Midget dance. AND Flibble. Actually, Ace wouldn’t be bad.

  6. If Ace and Flibble aren’t in it, I shall cry.

  7. Oh shush Symes, I’m entitled to my own opinion, even if it is wrong.

  8. Actually, I doubt if Doug would include Ace. There’s already loads of setup to do in the movie and this would be just another thing to explain. People won’t have enough time to get how much of a smeghead Rimmer is for Ace to make any impact.

  9. Are you enjoying arguing with yourself, monkey?

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