We just gotta make sure we don’t pass any Sunday Mirrors

From Si Bromley via John Hoare:

On page 21 of today’s Sunday Mirror (21st May), TV critic has presented a ‘Eurovisionalike’, with photographs of UK hopeful/hideous failure Javine, alongside a piccie of our very own Duane Dibbley. Underneath is the [very original, it has to be said] caption, “Javine and Red Dwarf’s Duane”

Javine Dibley

And yes, I bought the Sunday Mirror especially for that picture. I accidentally read some of the paper and almost vomited out my insides.

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  1. Nice to know I’m useful for something.
    Does this mean that critic Ian Hyland is an RD fan, I wonder? Who else (apart from us lot, obviously) would remember a bit-character last seen over 12 years ago?

  2. I’m just impressed he spelt Duane right!

  3. Hyland’s pretty funny sometimes, although he’s not been keen on Who at all…

  4. He must be a Dwarf fan. Anyone who isn’t thinks Cat is a fucking vampire or something. They do look alike in those pictures you’ve gotta admit.

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