From Si Bromley via John Hoare:

On page 21 of today’s Sunday Mirror (21st May), TV critic has presented a ‘Eurovisionalike’, with photographs of UK hopeful/hideous failure Javine, alongside a piccie of our very own Duane Dibbley. Underneath is the [very original, it has to be said] caption, “Javine and Red Dwarf’s Duane”

Javine Dibley

And yes, I bought the Sunday Mirror especially for that picture. I accidentally read some of the paper and almost vomited out my insides.

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  • Nice to know I’m useful for something.
    Does this mean that critic Ian Hyland is an RD fan, I wonder? Who else (apart from us lot, obviously) would remember a bit-character last seen over 12 years ago?

  • He must be a Dwarf fan. Anyone who isn’t thinks Cat is a fucking vampire or something. They do look alike in those pictures you’ve gotta admit.

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