And the new BAFTA Chair is…

Hilary Bevan Jones, of Red Dwarf V producing fame! YES RED DWARF IS THE ONLY THING IN HER CAREER SHUT UP FUCK OFF.

Well, when I say chair, she’s actually appointed as deputy for the first year, then chair for two years, and then deputy for a final year. Which is quite sensible when you think about it for a bit, actually. Continuity of leadership, and all that. She’s also the first female chair in the entirety of the Acadamy’s history, which for 2005 is rather odd, but never mind. She was previously the Acadamy’s chair of television.

What I didn’t know about is that she has her own production company, Tightrope Pictures, formed in 2003 – which she co-runs with none other than Paul Abbott. Come on Andrew, do a Flibble interview with her – I’m sure it’d be rather interesting…

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  1. *insert joke about people sitting on her face*

    (Because she’s a chair. DYS?)

  2. I very nearly put a picture of a chair with the article.

    Then I decided not even I was that bad.

  3. Office World Gas Lift with Arm Rests. Blue leather coating, marvellous machine, marvellous.

  4. Obviously the fan movie news isn’t making it onto this site? Well then has the conversation.

  5. Give me a chance, twatto.

  6. A poignant reminder of all them years in Lairds, ladies and Gentilesmen

  7. Or at least *part* of one series.

  8. “Give me a chance, twatto.” I like this insult.

  9. Oi! Call me, you fucking arse!

  10. > Or at least *part* of one series.

    No, HBJ was producer for the whole series. You’re getting her confused with Juliet May.


  11. >Oi! Call me, you fucking arse!

    Give me a chance, twatto.

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