The Brittas Region 4 cover artwork. Better than the R2 one...We’re late again. Series 2 of Brittas was released in Region 4 on the 5th May. We am a twart. Here’s a “review”, which is notable for the fact that the reviewer thinks you can get “film grain” on a videotaped series. Hmmm.

The extras are the same as the Region 2 release, so you can read our review. The difference, apart from in the cover (and presumably disc) artwork and packaging, is that the Region 2 release is two single-layer discs, wheras the Region 4 release is one dual-layer disc. I can’t help wishing that the Region 2 release had been like that; it’s annoying having to change the disc when you know that it’s unneccessary. Bah.

I’m afraid our planned revamp of the Brittas section will have to wait for a while – we’re too busy with our DJ surprise. Not that the DJ surprise will be entirely unlinked with Brittas

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  • I was waiting for someone else to say it, but seeing as nobody will oblige: whilst it’s not the best cover in the world, it’s still a million times better than the R2 version.

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