I’ve just this moment pulled out Series VIII Byte 2 VHS and saw there’s a sticker on the front boasting ‘Extra Unseen Footage’. Byte 1 has it, too.

Wut’s that all abaat, then?

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  • I think it’s just reiterating it, to be honest. There’s nothing else apart from the trailer on Byte 2.

    I’ve only seen the VIII Smeg Ups a couple of times, as I didn’t buy the videos (FOR SOME REASON) and have only seen them at Ian’s. They’re great fun though. And I haven’t seen the Xtended eps or the VII Smeg Ups for ages either, as some cunt has still got my tape…

  • I don’t know if this has ever been brought up here, but years ago, after I discovered Red Dwarf but before I discovered internet fandom, I was very, very angry about my series VII VHS purchase.

    I had already seen the episodes on television, but the promise of new footage on the video boxes got me very excited about the releases. I bought all three at once.

    According to the box…
    TIKKA TO RIDE: Includes the previously unseen original opening and end sequences.
    OUROBOROS: Includes previously unseen crew sequences.
    DUCT SOUP: Contains previously unseen footage.

    B-but none of that is ON the tapes!

    I don’t mind if the UK got X-tended episodes and the US didn’t. But what gets me is that it’s advertised right on the box that we should be getting the X-tended episodes, and it was a barefaced lie.

    Smeggy willy indeed.

  • I’ve never heard that before!

    That is indeed very dodgy. I wonder if they ever corrected it for later runs of the tapes, either changing the packaging, or the contents of the tape? Or maybe they’re all like that – I don’t know much about the American releases of the videos apart from the fact that ALL THE COVERS ARE APPALLING.

  • The Australian videos for VII suck. The penny-pinching cunts didn’t even give us the ORDINARY Tikka to Ride, Ouroboros and Duct Soup: they took the Xtended tape, you see, then inserted Stoke me a Clipper in between Tikka and Ouroboros. Then they stuck the other four onto a video which they called “Series VII – The Rest”. Now, two vids of four episodes isn’t so bad, but why couldn’t they have given us the ORDINARY VERSIONS? It kinda defeats the purpose of having a special Xtended tape if ALL YOU HAVE SEEN IS THE FUCKING XTENDED VERSION!

  • Series VII – The Rest? Jesus, that’s poor branding. What did they call the first video Series VII – The First Bit?

    So, does this mean that Tikka, Ouroboros and Duct Soup were all without laughter tracks while the rest if the episodes kept them? If so then that’s shoddy – fucking shoddy.

  • I’ve got the Oz ‘The Rest’ vid (won in a BTL comp, along with an Oz ‘Xtended’ sleeve signed – in gold marker, mind – by Robert Llewellyn), which is great, and I’ve always been a bit jealous of the UK ‘Xtended’ not having ‘Stoke’ on there because that’s the only episode I don’t have with me down here at Uni (I didn’t buy any of the ‘official’ vids of VII and VIII – I couldn’t afford them. I just taped them off the telly, and, due to my fantastic artistic skills, gave them extremely professional looking sleeves). This was because I didn’t see why us brits had to fork out for four vids in all instead of two. But I can see antipodean’s point.

  • > So, does this mean that Tikka, Ouroboros and Duct Soup were all
    >without laughter tracks while the rest if the episodes kept them?

    Yes. Those three were the Xtended versions, just like your Xtended versions, and the other five were the normal variety.

  • He he. I take great pride in the fact that I’ve never seen the VIII smeg ups. I also know that I’m probably not missing anything. IMO, the end of Only The Good is one big smeg up.

    I have waited a long time for this moment, my little green friend.

  • Yes, the VIII smeg ups are great. The show might have lost its quality but the cast are still as funny and clever as always.

  • OK, well at least there’ll be something decent about the VIII set to look forward to.

  • “OK, well at least there’ll be something decent about the VIII set to look forward to.”

    Yes, that and every other fucking extra on there.

  • A shame they didn’t create an alternative audio track for the extendeds for the DVD that had laughter where the non-extendeds had laughter. Not that there would have been any room for them on the disc. And it would have been weird with certain scenes (the reshot ones) being out of laughter, but still an interesting option.

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