So, last week, we had this article about the DVDs, chocked full of new details about VII and VIII. The biggest surprise is clips from The 10%ers and I-Camcorder. Hurrah! I haven’t seen either series before, so this is very welcome indeed. Similarly, a short film by Chris Veale and an extract from Lovett At Large will also be included, both of which are something to look forward to.

As indeed is the raw effects footage, containing lots and lots of unused stuff, with both models and CGI. We’re promised “examples of every shot filmed” for VII, which is excellent. Dear God, I’m moist. And the VIII DVD will have storyboard sequences too, which is also great. But all of this is surpassed by the exciting news about the musical featurettes – Burning Rubber and Fight!. I’ll bet each and every one of you several pounds that the first one is set to Born To Be Wild.

As for this week… well, nothing much.

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