John’s Roundup – 11/6/05

G&T/ITN logo.Ho-hum. Only the fourth update this month. In my defence, I’ll point out that a) The relaunch of OD will happen soon, honest, and b) G&T’s DJ surprise will be great. Unfortunately it won’t be videos of Chloë’s foaming twat. See how I take an amusing joke that Ian made over a year ago and HAMMER IT INTO THE FUCKING GROUND.

BING BONG: TOS news first, then: Norman “Exterminate, Dudes, or something ahahahaha well done” Lovett is appearing in The Bill (what the fuck is wrong with, then?) on Wednesday 22nd June @ 8:00pm on ITV1. I think you should all mail him afterwards and tell him that he would have been much better as Davros, and ask whether he’ll be in the next series of Who. And if anyone can work out why I’m referencing the Re-mastereds when I don’t even like them, then please tell me so I can feel more at ease with myself.

THE TOURNAMENT: Also in that TOS article is a short piece about DJJ’s new film. Which as Mr. Ellard says, sounds marvellous. And for boobies: go here. It’s a shame that that site keeps opening new windows when I don’t want it to, or doesn’t allow you to link directly to individual photos, but since when was any film website any good? They wouldn’t make films so badly, so I don’t know why they can’t do websites…

QI TICKETS: Dates now available are: 14th, 15th, 21st, and 22nd of June. I won’t even bother deconstructing Applause Store’s website.

That is all.

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  1. I really hope this Norman as Davros thing will never die. IN fact, I want RTD to give Norman a role just to please me!

    I actually thought the Tournament site was quite good. I think they’ve made a pretty decent fist of it – it’s clean, easy to read, scalable and with no trace of flash. There’s plenty of production companies out there who should be taking notes.

    Although, having said all that, they’ve used some pretty clunky and outdated HTML… What’s wrong with using CSS?

  2. Oh, and when I said there was no trace of Flash I hadn’t spotted the picture pages. Damn my programming.

  3. Yes, I thought the front page looked lovely. But I just got very annoyed when I couldn’t link to the exact picture I wanted, and it opened up two more windows before I got to the gallery. Bah.

  4. *quickly fixes the comment author links on all his sites so they don’t open a new window*

  5. You see, I like external links opening a new window…

    Although having said that I use tabs mostly now, anyway, so it makes no difference to me.

  6. I can’t fucking stand it. It really pisses me off. But either way, whether you like it or not, it should be something the person browsing chooses to do – not what a website author forces on you.

  7. > Unfortunately it won’t be videos of Chlo?’s foaming twat. See how I take an amusing joke that Ian made over a year ago and HAMMER IT INTO THE FUCKING GROUND.

    Nearly two years, in fact.

  8. > I’m referencing the Re-mastereds

    I’ve only ever seen one or two of the remastered eps…what reference am I not catching?

  9. (Search for ‘Bing Bong’ on that, if you can’t be arsed reading it.)

  10. I just realised (don’t know why I didn’t before) through looking at that The End:Remastered thing that one of my favourite deluded-but-somehow-hilarious moments from The End was cut out – “Lister, will you listen to me? Just listen to me. Just shut up. Shut up.”. I can understand why it was cut (same goes for Lister kicking Rimmer) but it doesn’t stop it being fucking funny.

  11. > I can understand why it was cut (same goes for Lister kicking Rimmer)

    I can’t understand why Lister kicking Rimmer was cut. To make room for the remains of George McIntyre? No excuse.

  12. Anyone notice Jenna Russell in Saturday’s Doctor Who? (This has probably been mentioned elsewhere no doubt)

  13. You fight like a dairy farmer.

  14. *mutters something about cows*

  15. Coo, you can post blank comments.

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