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  1. Was the D-D-Don’t Shoot!” t-shirt just a prop, then? I thought that it might be a publically available shirt…

  2. Well I’ve never seen them elsewhere, and as far as I know Mugs Murphy was created specially for the programme, wasn’t it?

  3. Ah, right! Good costume work, there.

    The thing is about props as cool as custom t-shirts, is that they would have been taken home by various people after the big change from 2 to III. There’s not much chance of getting them from Ebay :(

  4. I know.

    But they could have been produced as merchandise!

  5. Design your own!

    Actually… that’s really not a half bad idea!

    *goes to do some screen grabs*

  6. I had thought of that, but I wasn’t sure if there’d be a big enough grab to give to a t-shirt making company.

    But, Cappsy, if you can do the grabs, if you want, get them to me and I’ll work on a proper flat design in Paint Shop…

  7. So Jim Bexley Speed plays “Roof Attach”, eh? ;-)

  8. Oh for fuck sake.

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