Red Dwarf III“The bonus features are all but useless, with the exceptions of the Deleted Scenes, backwards-forwards as mentioned above and my favourite, the smeg-ups.” Yep – I just can’t get over how shit that documentary is, you know. And as for the music cues, raw model footage, Building A Better Universe… pointless, all pointless.

This review of The Brittas Empire deserves closer examination, though:

“The Brittas Empire is probably one of the most tacky comedies the BBC have ever dared shown. It combines cheesy comedy with a really tacky storyline and really rubbish acting. It’s on eof those addictive TV shows which is really rubbish and tacky but also good to watch because it’s so stupid and hilarious. I’m surprised that the BBC have come out with a show like that, usually, it’s ITV who come out with tacky programmes. It’s still a good programme and Mr.Brittas is a very funny character and he is very stupid aswell.

If this person thinks that Brittas “is probably one of the most tacky comedies the BBC have ever dared shown”, I would respectfully suggest that they haven’t got any clue about BBC sitcoms at all. Although I’m still trying to figure out how a programme can be “really rubbish” and “a good programme” all at once…

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  • I like the way that Backwards Forwards is deemed to be one of the few extras that *isn’t* pointless.

    And the way the Brittas review basically says “it’s only worth watching because it’s hilarious” at one point.

  • He really loves using the word “tacky,” doesn’t he? Regardless of the fact that he never learned what it means.

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