Star Hyke Interview

I’ve been meaning to keep more of an eye on Star Hyke than I have been doing; just as Hyperdrive deserves our support, so does Hyke. (You can judge both series when they’ve been broadcast.) So I thought I’d let you know from the mailing list about a show on Xpression FM where the creator/writer/director of the show, Andrew Dymond is interviewed.

It’s on Sunday 12th June between 10-12pm – which is, I believe, today. And lookee here, here’s the links for the webcast:

  • Broadband:
  • Dial Up:

Have fun!

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  1. Presuming they’ve actualyl done some filming, we could well have some clips from the show. The moment of truth?

    I must say, out of the two new sci-fi sitcoms, this is the one I have the least hopes for. This doesn’t mean that I’m not willing it on to be excellent, though.

  2. They’ve finished shooting it.

    There is a trailer, but it isn’t yet on the website due to rights issues with the music. I don’t know why they don’t just put a silent version up, but then the site is out of date anyway:

  3. The appalling thing is that now I HAVE to get up early tomorrow. Damn my programming, etc.

  4. Anyone listen to this?

    I meant to, but it… fell off.

  5. Woke up at 1pm, to some extent.

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