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  1. It’s the second-last one that always gets me. “Hello Boys”, indeed.

  2. She looks like she needs the toilet in that one.

  3. There’s a crude joke about what she looks like she needs, but I’m not the man to make it.

  4. Is it just me or is she showing a little niplet in one of those pics? Shame about the lack of foaming twat. But maybe that’s on the 3rd disc of the VII set.

  5. Has anyone got those pics she had done for FHM when she was in the Top 100 Fittest Birds, or whatever godawful thing it’s called? There’s clear nipple in that.

  6. I aim to please. And then I aim for the tissue. LOL!!!11

  7. I would pay money – actually hand over cold hard cash – to see chloe do another one of those photoshoots. pwoooah!!! have FMH ever come-a-calling? I’d be surprised if shes never been approached by them.

  8. Forgot that fhm question. didn’t see that it had been answered. I love that her breasts are so clearly visible in at least one of those pictures. Makes my day.

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