‘Excuse me,’, said Holly, and to conserve the two point nine minutes of run-time he had left, he shut down the ship’s engines, transferred all stations to emergency power, and switched himself off.

There was a pause, then Holly turned himself back on for a fraction of a second. Just time enough to direct one remark towards the Toaster.

‘You bastard’, he said, then switched himself back off again.

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  • ‘Forget it. Forget the food. Can you just give me a coffee?’
    ‘No sooner said than done,’ said the machine pleasantly, and a Christmas pudding, flamb?d in brandy, rolled out of the dispensing hatch, onto the floor, and set fire to Lister’s trouser bottoms.

  • One part that gets me is in BTL after the Wilma Flintstone conversation when the Cat says “I don’t want to be moved. This is the one where Fred and Barney go away and Wilma and Betty are left alone”. The Cat expecting lesbian action is funny. Or is it? It is ten to three in the fucking morning..

  • My favourite Red Dwarf-related moment, full stop, out of anything in the TV series or books or anything, is the section of IWCD that culminates in the words :

    And that was why Rimmer failed exams.

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